How Blockchain Technology is Helping COVID-19

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

The first phase of reponening our country after lockdown hit a number of setbacks. States and businesses within them adapted to increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections. This week we spoke with one James Lang, CEO of COVID PreCheck. His company has an early stage technology that could help businesses open with greater surety.

Their new mobile app that links your verified identity with COVID antibody test results to help facilitate travel and entry to businesses. This works a little like TSA PreCheck and allows businesses to “scan” and verify who you are and within that, your “OK” status for COVID-19. In turn, you take a simple serological test for COVID-19 antibody levels which is then associated with your COVID PreCheck app.

James shared details of how this works and how his company – already in the blockchain space – can use blockchain technology to ensure your privacy and data protection.

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