Work PreAuth

A health passport for employees to be granted access to enter office premises. The PreAuth Pass status allows/denies the entry of an employee to the workplace

Work Preauth

Tool Features

Daily self assessment

The Daily Assessment is one of the determining factors for permitting or denying entry to the premises. A default questionnaire configured based on CDC  guidelines is used and employees have to answer the set of questions to gain access to the workplace. 

This questionnaire can be customized depending on the need of the Enterprise.  Based on the combination of answers input by the user, the system permits or denies entry.

record temperature

Once the Daily Assessment is done, the employees need to record their current body temperature in the Work PreAuth application. The body temperature details also play a vital role in determining the PreAuth Pass status.

Test Module

Organizations can partner with Testing Centers/Labs to facilitate COVID testing for the employees. Employees can choose from the Partner Labs and Request a Test. The Test Result would be directly uploaded by the labs to the platform to ensure there is no room for manipulation and it will be available on the Pass App and EPanel. Test results can be added by the super admin/pass app user as well.

Vaccination Tracking

Vaccination Tracking is an optional feature. Employers who facilitate vaccination can upload the vaccination status of all employees in bulk through the EPanel dashboard. The employee can also update their vaccination details via Work PreAuth. The status of the uploaded vaccination details will be displayed in the Passport Section as ‘Vaccinated’, ‘Partially Vaccinated’, or ‘Not Vaccinated’. Super admin can do a bulk upload of the vaccination details via EPanel.

PreAuth Passport

After combining the Daily Self-Assessment, Temperature Assessment, and Test results(Optional), the system generates a Scannable QR Code with the status. The vaccination details will be displayed as added info.