PreAuth Scan

The Scan app enables businesses to reopen their facilities to employees while ensuring Workplace safety. The PreAuth app is used by the Employer representatives who screen the employees before they enter the office premises.

PreAuth Scan

Tool Features

PreAuth Scan

The app can scan a pass holder’s QR code to verify whether the person has met the conditions of approval to enter the workplace.

  • Green Checkmark indicates the user is OK to enter the workplace.
  • Red Cross sign indicates the user does not satisfy the conditions to enter the workplace.


The data from the QR code generated by Work PreAuth App can be viewed using PreAuth Scan App.


The employee (Security Guard/Front Office Staff) who has given access to an infected person/s person restricted to enter the premises can be traced easily. Each employee has their own dedicated profile for the Scan App and all the usage details are recorded in the EPanel.