General Information

Covid PreAuth is a HIPAA-compliant app.  The core element of HIPAA is the protection of electronically protected health information (ePHI) through physical, technical, disciplinary, and administrative defenses.  HIPAA-compliant storage follows the parameters established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.  The employer will have access to only the information required to understand if you are eligible to enter the workplace basis the answer that you have given during the self-assessment, Temperature Assessment, Vaccination status (optional), and Test Results (Optional).  This is indicated with a Green Tick (Eligible to enter) and Red Cross (Not eligible to enter)

Identity verification is done by the employers who onboard the employees on Covid PreAuth.  NetObjex, which owns Covid PreAuth, does not store or verify any data.

The daily assessment is a default questionnaire developed by the CDC to help assess if you are vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus.  If answered correctly, then it acts as an early warning system to safeguard your health by asking you to see a health worker immediately.  As more and more organization open their doors for onsite work, Covid PreAuth helps protect you & your co-workers.

On September 9, 2021, President Biden issued an Executive order that obligates all organization with more than 100 employees to require vaccination or weekly testing for COVID-19.  Hence if you are not vaccinated, then it would be mandatory for you to get tested weekly.

Covid PreAuth has the facility to record the vaccine you have taken (both first and second dose) along with the booster vaccine.  Employers can add this optional module to the app and you can update it through your mobile phone.  Employers who facilitate vaccination/boosters at their locations can upload employee vaccination data in bulk through the E-Panel.

If you are onboarded on Covid PreAuth by your organization, you can use it at all location where your offices are located. 

Covid PreAuth tracks your location only when you take the self-assessment. Users may opt-in to provide location data in order to suggest nearby testing sites.  As a user, you can opt out of the location access while taking the self-assessment test as well.

Covid PreAuth is HIPAA compliant app and your privacy is very important to us.  Only the employer who has onboarded you on Covid PreAuth has access to the data of scans & location of the scans.

NetObjex does not track where you have used the app.

Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction or RT PCR is one of the most accurate & widely used tests to detect the Covid-19 Corona Virus.  The test results checks for the presence of the CoV-2 virus in your body.  The RT PCR test has been the gold standard test for diagnosing COVID-19 since authorized for use in February 2020.