Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can see my data?
Your data is stored securely using blockchain technology. Only your photo and an indication that you have a positive antibody test will be shared while scanning.
After my identity is verified, how is that information stored?
COVID PreAuth uses an independent identity verification service and does not store any of your identity information on its system.
Does COVID PreAuth track my location data?
The COVID PreAuth app is not performing contract tracing. Users my opt in to provide location data in order for COVID PreAuth to suggest nearby testing sites.
Does COVID PreAuth track where I've used it?
No. Your privacy is important to us. We don’t track where you use COVID PreAuth or which companies scan the code in your app.
What is an antibody test and what information does the test reveal?
Antibody tests are blood tests that look for antibodies, which show if you have been previously infected with COVID-19. The test will either show no antibodies, which means no exposure to the virus; developing antibodies, which means you have been exposed to the virus; or protective antibodies, which means you have been exposed and recovering from the virus. Source:
How long does it take to receive results?
Typically results are available 3 to 5 days after your blood sample is collected.
Where can I use COVID PreAuth?
You will be able to use COVID PreAuth to enter stores and restaurants, businesses, office buildings, sporting venues, airports, and more.
What documents are required for testing and to use the app?
A State issued Driver License, State issued non-Driver identification card or U.S. Passport is required to verify your identity.

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