The admin panel helps the employer to onboard and manage users and leverage the reporting dashboard to make important decisions, thereby ensuring the safety of employees at the workplace.


Tool Features



The dashboard provides meaningful insights into the health status of all the employees at the organization.

Features of the dashboard include:

  • Daily Assessment tracking of all employees
  • Individual Temperature recording (Optional)
  • Vaccination Tracking (Optional)
  • Test Results upload (Optional)
  • Enabling / Disabling¬† COVID PreAuth features based on geographic location
  • Rights management:¬† Accessing the EPanel by local administrators of offices in different geographical locations

Helping the organization to adopt timely measures to safeguard their employees from getting infected.

Daily Assessment

The employer can monitor the status of Daily Assessment, PCR Test, and
Antibody Test of each employee in the organization.

Epanel Dashboard

Vaccination Tracking

The vaccination status of the employees can be viewed by the administrator by leveraging the Vaccination Module.

Contact Tracing

The Status & Battery Percentage of the device tagged to an employee can be viewed from the EPanel. The Contact History of the infected employees along
with the Contact Duration is also retrievable.