Contact Tracing

If an employee is infected with the Covid-19 virus / any other ailment, all parties who have had interactions with the infected person are informed and are requested to get tested.

Contact Tracing-01

Tool Features

Contact Tracing

Proximity Distance

Programmable Proximity Distance Alert Setting (e.g., 2m or 5m)

Contact Tracing

Efficient Network

Contamination Reporting through Global Sigfox 0G Network

Contact Tracing


Alert Warning of Proximity Breach

Contact Tracing

Dwell Time

Programmable Dwell time (contact duration to record event in the database)

Contact Tracing


Automatic & Secure Logging of “Contact Events” (Time, Date, and Duration of Proximity Breach)

Contact Tracing


Contacts database- saved locally, never uploaded. Can be retrieved when positive contamination confirmed

Contact Tracing

Wearable Device

BLE with Programmable Distance

  • Programmable distance and dwell time based on local regulation

No App – Alerts over Sigfox 0G

  • Receive contact alerts over the Sigfox 0G network.

Tamper Detection

  • Tamper detection technology logs and reports removal of the band.

Privacy Assurance 

  • Personally identifiable information and location information data are not captured.

Contacts Stored Locally

  • All contacts stored locally, not shared or uploaded. Contacts are sent to a secure cloud, only in the case of a verified, positive test result.